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Installation of the DimluxOpticlimateUpdater

See downloadble files at the bottom of this page

Download ‘DimluxOpticlimateUpdater.exe’
double click on the downloaded file icon

A warning 'Windows protected your PC' could popup. If so:
Click on 'More info'
Click the button 'Run anyway'

Updating a LED-fixture

Connect the LED-fixture to the mains.
Connect a network cable between the IN and OUT-2 port.
Start the DimluxOpticlimateUpdater.
A warning of 'Windows Defender Firewall' can occure. Allow access.
windows defender
Connect the computer by WiFi to the LED-fixture.
Wait untill the computer is connected.
Select WIFI mode at the DimluxOpticlimateUpdater.
Select attached LED-fixture.
Press Start.

If the update fails, please unplug the mains of the LED-fixture and try again.
If the update still fails, connect the powerbank (to OUT-2, and make sure the power-switch of the powerbank is on), unplug the mains of the LED-fixture and try again.


See the video 'Installation and Usage for more detail'

Last update: 21 nov 2022
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